Dragon-Themed Polyhedral Dice Bag for Dungeons & Dragons

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  • Dragon-Themed Polyhedral Dice Bag. Features an embroidered green dragon partially hidden behind red and yellow flowers on a black velvet background. The dice bag has a purple silk lining, guaranteeing your dice will be in lavish comfort until you require them for battle.
  • Green dragons are master manipulators who revel in corrupting lesser creatures and hoarding them like possessions. These dragons love intrigue and secrets. They put up a front of diplomacy and deceit when dealing with stronger foes, but they reveal their cruel and petty nature when intimidating lesser beings or when gaining the upper hand.
  • This medium-sized bag can easily hold up to 50 dice. The bag measures approximately 9 cm across (round bottom) and 14 cm in height.
  • Makes a great gift for Dungeon Masters, or for a player who wishes to carry their dice in style.