D20 Spinner Ring for Dungeons & Dragons

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  • This D20 Spinner Ring can be used as a random number generator for Dungeons & Dragons. The spins are smooth, a little like a fidget spinner or the hide of certain sub-races of Beholders. The surface area of the numbers are evenly distributed across the outer spinning band in such a way that matches the probability curve of a totally random event! The rings are perfect Platonic circles, so when you spin them they have an equal chance of landing anywhere on the circumference of the ring.
  • Can also be used as a life counter for Magic: the Gathering matches. It is recommended to buy two sets if you play White, as you'll need the extra one if your life total goes above 20!
  • You can take a dice ring anywhere. No worries about rolling it into a heater duct or losing them to a hungry pet. It will stay firmly attached to your hand. Unless you’re a zombie… then no guarantees.
  • Wearing this item provides a +2 Charisma Bonus on Saving Throws. A necessary accessory when venturing out into the world. It is an awesome accessory to occupy idle hands and calm your mind. Spinner rings (also called worry rings) are frequently used as a stress relief tool, and are beloved by people with ADD everywhere. They have also been used to reduce nail-biting and other bad habits, such as chronic necromancy, by keeping your hands busy.
  • Comes with small velvet Bag of Holding (7 cm x 9 cm). Bag of Holding does not actually open into nondimensional space.

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