Lady Luck Smile On Me D20 Polyhedral Dice Pin - Dungeons & Dragons Brooch

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  • Lady Luck D20 Polyhedral Dice Pin. Features a D20 with a banner above and below written "Lady Luck" and "Smile on Me".
  • This D20 pin will be a critical hit with the NPCs in your life. Perfect to give as a gift to a character who does not have the "lucky" feat.
  • Pin measures 1 inch x 1 inch, fitting perfectly on backpacks or bags of holding. The pin is made out of metal, not plastic, for extra durability.
  • Wearing this item provides a +2 Charisma Bonus on Saving Throws. A necessary accessory when venturing out into the world.
  • Comes with small velvet Bag of Holding (7 cm x 9 cm). Disclaimer: Bag of Holding does not actually open into nondimensional space.