About Me

Beyond the Green Mountains, in the Appalachean Forests, in a cabin on Clear Fountain Lake.
As an epic, lawful-good, level 22 human woodworker, I use my +2 charisma hammer and poorly-sharpened -1 dexterity chisels to bludgeon and slash at bits of wood until, through critical hits and critical fails, they become imbued with the spirit of the region to become wooden - nay, Geekwooden - works of art (mostly dice boxes, dice trays and dice towers).
Fellow adventurers in my party help out with painting, metalworking, woodworking, moulding and leatherworking for other projects.
Visit the Geekwood blog for instructions and tips on how to make some geeky wood projects: https://howtogeekwood.wordpress.com/
For special orders, contact the dungeonmaster@geekwood.ca
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Quebec City Comic Con (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021)
Salon Nouveau Genre (2017)
Marché Fait Main de Québec (2017)