Dungeons & Dragons - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game in which each player plays as a character with abilities and embarks upon imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting. A dungeon master plays as the game's referee, storyteller, monsters and non-playable characters. The players solve dilemmas, engage in battles, search for treasure, and interact with each other.


What are the rules of Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is played by announcing an action when faced with a particular situation and rolling dice to find out if the action is successful or not. Success relies on the difficulty of the task, and the abilities of the character taking the action. Complete basic rules can be found for free here.


Who created Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons was originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974.


Where can I buy Dungeons and Dragons accessories?

Rule books and adventure books are available at your local game store, bookstores and online retailers.  Other accessories, such as miniatures, dice, dice bags, dice trays, and dice towers are available at geekwood.ca


Where can I play Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is traditionally played around a table, preferably in a basement, but can really be played anywhere, even online.


Where do I start with Dungeons and Dragons?

A knowledgeable friend is a great place to start. Otherwise, the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set includes an adventure book, a rule book, pre-generated characters and dice.


Is Dungeons and Dragons evil?

Dungeons and Dragons includes magical and demonic themes and characters, but is not evil. Dungeons and Dragons builds friendships and communities, develops problem-solving skills and is a fun and affordable hobby.


Why is Dungeons and Dragons fun?

Dungeons and Dragons includes puzzle elements, high-stakes drama, fantasy settings, and hanging out with friends.


Why is Dungeons and Dragons good for you?

Dungeons and Dragons is a creative activity which brings people together. It develops problem-solving and interpersonal skills, and is an inclusive game for people of all ages.